How do I turn my lights off?

Start by turning everything off. This should turn off all interior and exterior lights. It may take a second or 30 as some vehicles have a built in delay.

First try the radio button. Many newer vehicles lack the "ACC" function that older vehicles had. To use the radio, look for the I/O symbol, often found in the center of the volume knob. Most vehicles will allow the radio to be on for hours before it 'times out.' IF that is the case, simply press that button again to turn it back on. Some vehicles have this 'time out' feature ridiculously short. If that is the case, you will likely need to use the ignition. It is best to try this before the movie starts as to not interrupt your movie viewing. (This usually works for FORD & JEEP vehicles.)

If you are going to use the ignition, it is best to engage your parking brake. This has classically been referred to as the 'e-brake' and is often the farthest pedal to the left in automatic transmission vehicles. It may also be a lever near the gear shift/selector. Many newer vehicles have an electronic parking brake which is often a switch in the center console. Engaging the parking brake often disables daytime running lights. (This usually works for HONDA vehicles.)

If you have an ignition key, try turning it back towards you. If that doesn't work, try ONE click forward. If the dash lights turn on, specifically your check engine light, you've gone one click too far. This will often drain your battery. (This often works for vehicles made before 2010.)

If you have a push button start, keep your foot off the brake and press the start button. Again, if your dash lights are on, this will cause early battery drain.

On some vehicles, you must turn the automatic headlights off with the light switch itself, often turning it counterclockwise and letting it 'snap back.' If this is the case, you will likely need to do this every time the door opens. (This usually works for CHEVROLET vehciles.)

If you are unable to get your radio on and your lights off, please see someone in the SNACK BAR. We will be happy to assist you.

We make every attempt to have everyone's lights out soon after the show begins. If there are lights on that are interfering with your enjoyment of the movie, please see someone at the SNACK BAR.